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News & Announcements

To keep you up-to-date, here are the latest news items and announcements from BVCMS.

Our new Web site!
The last year has been a whirlwind. BVCMS is now hosting 26 churches! And we are about to embark on a marketing campaign with the goal to increase that number to 200 churches by the end of 2011. Up till now, we have really done no marketing for BVCMS other than to respond to people who contact us through Now is the time to step up activity and let the rest of the church world know about BVCMS. Our marketing campaign will involve conversations on social media sites, publishing articles, and some advertising. But the first step was to build a new Web site. Thanks to hard work and some really talented people, we are announcing our new Web site today. We think you are going to like it and you'll be proud to send your friends in the church community there to learn more about BVCMS.

Attention Admins: BVCMS now shows User info on the Person page
The Admin/Users page displays all users but it can be cumbersome to edit a user's account information. Now, to find a user, you go straight to their Person page using the same search tools you use to find anybody. Then, right there on their record, you can see a tab for System/User information. Click the username and you will be able to edit their roles, change their password or unlock their account. Easy. And system users that have Edit privleges can view the tab to see if a person has a user account.

Three New BVCMS Features
We are excited to inform you about three new features that will make BVCMS easier to use. We'll be writing a blog post and documentation for each of these features.

Developer Resources

Check out these developer resources to help you build and grow on BVCMS.

We now have a separate developer blog
Even though the developer community for BVCMS is small, we want to help build that group of people. I will be blogging from time to time topics that only a developer would care about. By having a separate blog just for developers, they can find pertinent information to help them better understand the architecture of BVCMS. This blog will contain articles to help you get started understanding how to code in BVCMS. Also BVCMS is full of interesting techiques and some that might be a bit difficult to get your mind wrapped around. I'll blog about some of those from time to time. Check out the developer's blog now.

Virtual Events

Learn more about BVCMS by attending a webinar or virtual event. We would like to begin doing a webinar perhaps once every 4-6 weeks starting some time in January. Send us your ideas for these 90 minute webinars. Here's a sneak preview of the kinds of things Karen and I be presenting:

Learn how to set up online registrations
Coming soon
Did you know that BVCMS could handle all of your sign-ups for any kind of event? It does everything from sports team registration to camps, free and paid, discipleship classes, luncheons, and childcare.

What are the two most important things about BVCMS
Coming soon
Join this webinar and learn about people and organizations. You really need to get a good understanding of how you manage these two things. Everything else in BVCMS revolves around these.

David Carroll
BVCMS Developer

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