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Newsletter #13
December 29, 2011

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Dear BVCMS Community,

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User News & Announcements

This is where we keep users informed. Here are the latest news items and announcements from BVCMS.

Make Some New Year's Resolutions!

There is a new Query Condition for 1st, 2nd, 3rd time Visitors

We have always been able to do some complex queries to find interesting statistics on attendance. But who wants complex? BVCMS now makes it easy to find people who have visited for the second time since a particular date.

A number of churches have an assimilation process in which they do particular things (like make a phone call, or pay a visit, etc) when a person visits the first time and then a different thing for the second visit and then the third. You do this with a special Query condition called Visit Nth Time. Here is a new simpler way: Read more

Find Duplicate Records

You may know that when you are on a duplicate record, you can see potential duplicates on the System > Duplicates tab. But how can you get a list of all records that have serious potential duplicates? We now have a new routine that can be used by Admins and those with the Manage2 role. It is the Manage/Duplicates process. Basically, for each record, it searches your entire database for a potential duplicate using the same algorithm we use for finding records in Online Registrations. Read more about this here.

Development News

We are working on a number of fronts with BVCMS currently. Version 1.0 of the BVCMS Checkin iPad app is waiting for approval from the Apple ITunes store. It should be ready for download very soon. We'll be writing more about how to use this exciting new product in January after we roll it out here at Bellevue and at Redeemer in New York. Except for the printing scheme we have come up with, if you are familiar with how the checkin works for a regular kiosk, you should be able to use the iPad version with what you already know.

Recurring Giving shouild be ready to go in January. We will be supporting both Authorize.Net and SagePayments gateways with PCI 4.0 complience (that means we will not be storing any credit card, or bank account information in your own database).

We are also working on a new type of Checkin for secure access to recreation centers and other facilities you want to control registered access to. Stay tuned...

David Carroll and Karen Worrell
Your BVCMS Team

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