Newsletter #2
December, 16 2010

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Dear BVCMS Community,

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News & Announcements

To keep you up-to-date, here are the latest news items and announcements from BVCMS.

iPhone App for Search and Small Group Attendance

The BVCMS app has a tab for doing quick searches for people and another tab for doing small group attendance. Note: you must be a member of the class and have Attendance Role for this to work. We're going to roll this feature out by request only so send us an email if you have a need to use this feature. We'll do a screencast on this before the next newsletter. Here is what you can do with the small group attendance tab.

We have plans to improve the search tab soon as well so that you can look up entire families.

New Mass Email System

The latest feature regarding the sending of mass emails is the ability to schedule an email to be sent on a specified date. The email will be placed in a queue and will be sent at 4:00 AM on the date requested. This is perfect for weekly or monthly newsletters that are sent to several hundred or several thousand people. In fact, a good rule of thumb might be to use this feature if you are sending to more than 400 people at a time. (Currently you must be an Admin to use this feature) Also, remember that you can use the {unsubscribe} feature that allows a person to unsubscribe from receiving emails from that sender. And of course, this newsletter is going out using that same system!

Online Registration Login Change

Remember, we now allow those registering on-line to create an account that they can use every time they register for something on-line. They can also use those credentials to logon to BVCMS to make changes/updates to their family's information. Well, we've made it even easier than that! You can now logon using your email address in place of your username. You will still be required to enter your password and your email address must match the one we have for you in the system. This is great for those of you who have trouble remembering your username!

Other new BVCMS Features

We are excited to inform you about three new features that will make BVCMS easier to use. We'll be writing a blog post and documentation for each of these features.

Developer News

If you want to read about the architecture for the new Mass Email capability, see this post on the BVCMS Developers Blog.

Calling Developers and Designers

We want to encourage churches to watch for talent in the Web/Design/Software industry within your church.  Since BVCMS is an Open Source project, it would benefit all churches if we were to attract good talent to contribute their skills to the project. Here are some examples of just such contributions.

What great examples of contributions to BVCMS from the outside world. Of course many users have also contributed in a way by sharing their ideas of new features and capabilities. We can't implement every idea people have but when they benefit lots of other churches and solve a real need or elimnate real pain, we listen. We need more such help. Thanks!

Training and Unused Features

Be sure to take advantage of our Training services for your staff or lay leaders. We can train for an hour or a half a day at a time. You choose the topic and we'll help you get it organized and make it beneficial for your team. There are a lot of things BVCMS does for you that you probably have not taken advantage of yet.

David Carroll
BVCMS Developer

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